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A valuer is a professional who has been educated and trained to determine the value of fixed property. An independent valuer can provide impartial and motivated reports on the value of real or limited rights to land.

The valuer requires a combination of a number of professional qualities and capabilities, and needs a thorough knowledge and understanding of the interacting influences which create, maintain or diminish the value of property or rights thereto. The valuer does not invent value, but interprets market forces which determine the value.

In order to pursue this profession legally, a valuer must be registered with the South African Council for the Property Valuers Profession (SACPVP), a statutory body established in terms of the Property Valuers Profession Act 23 of 2000. The act makes provision for three categories of registration, namely Professional Valuer, Professional Associated Valuer, and Candidate Valuer. A Candidate Valuer must complete all property valuation assignments under the supervision of a professional.

There is a constant need to determine the value of property for the purpose of financing, reporting to shareholders, cost accounting, mergers or takeovers, rent reviews, rates assessment, expropriations, arbitration and litigation, while a valuer is also often called upon to determine market values for purchase or sale, and replacement costs for insurance purposes.

Valuations are essential to those professionals, institutions and property practitioners who are required to make informed decisions in relation to real estate. It is therefore imperritive to aqcuire the services of a suitably qualified and knowledgable valuer to assist in this regard.